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KnowledgeCraft is a multi-business enterprise engaged in business consulting and solution development. We have over 20 years of experience in the high technology industry providing project/program management and business management support, and delivering high value-added IT, web and mobile computing solutions.



Ron Ong, Principal

Ron is a business manager with a broad background in operations, information systems, eCommerce, and business planning and development.  Over the last 20 years, he has held various business, operations, engineering and sales management positions at MIPS/SGI, NeTpower, Marvell Semiconductors, USWeb/Worldport and Handspring/Palm.  He has helped establish or re-engineer critical business systems  -- including basic Corporate IT, CRM, Global Order Management, and Quality Tracking systems -- as well as been instrumental in business planning/development and financing for various start-up and dynamic growth companies.

Most recently, Ron was COO & General Manager at CubeGuard, Inc. where he played a major role in designing and launching CubeGuard -- a simple but elegant office productivity tool for preventing interruptions and communicating availability status to your coworkers.

Prior to founding CubeGuard, Ron was Director of Software and Services Sales at Palm, Inc. where he was responsible for global sales and delivery of software and services for handheld/PDA and smartphone products to drive loyalty/customer connectivity, enhance the customer experience, differentiate the product, and grow incremental revenue. He grew top line sales 25% Y/Y to $5.4M from sales of software applications, service subscriptions, ebooks, and online advertising. He identified and developed new business segments and solutions, and helped drive key partnerships and agreements with software developers, ecommerce providers and carriers.

Mind List - To Do, List and Password Manager for Android

KnowledgeCraft recently launched Mind List (TM) -- The essential android software for your android smartphone or tablet. Great to do, list and password manager for everyday use. Track your tasks and to do's with repeating due dates or alerts. Reference your grocery or shopping list to remember things you need to buy. Reusable list features make it easy to reactivate list items that repeat regularly. Keep your bank account or web login passwords and pins handy within Mind List, and keep them secure using Mind List password locking and list data encryption. Also comes with various predefined and sample lists such as groceries list, camping packing list, house moving checklist, travel packing checklist, and emergency or disaster preparation checklist.
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