Mind List (TM) - Android Password and List Manager
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Mind List (TM) - Android Password and List Manager

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For Android Smartphones:

The essential, simple and easy-to-use to do, list and password manager for your Android device. Make keeping track of ALL your lists more mindless with Mind List!

Constantly finding that you forgot to do something or other, to pack something for your trip, or to pick something up at the store? Have too many accounts and changing passwords to remember? Eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety: Never forget another important task, shopping item, or account pin. Keep your peace of mind knowing that all your important to-do and shopping lists are at your fingertips in Mind List.
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Stay organized & Get Things Done

  • 2-in-1 List and Password Manager in one easy-to-use app
  • Easily create common lists for important to-dos, shopping, key dates, account logins, and much more
  • Add, track and check off list items with a simple click
  • Use voice entry to easily add list items (on supported devices) 
  • Organize your lists in familiar categories
  • Easily scan and sort customizable summary views of your lists – currently active items or tasks appear at-a-glance
  • Customize list names, field names, field types, and more
  • Great GTD tool!
  • Set due date alerts or alarms for important tasks and get them done on time
  • Store photos with shopping list items to make sure you buy exactly the right product
  • Designed to have a friendly and intuitive user interface

Save Time

  • Save time with reusable lists (e.g. every time you pack for a trip, go to the grocery store, etc.)
  • Quickly create new lists from built-in templates with just the fields you need. Prebuilt lists include: groceries list, camping packing list, house moving checklist, and travel packing checklist.
  • Don’t waste time and gas going back to the store to pick up the milk you forgot on the first trip

Easy to Access, but Secure

  • Imagine how much easier your life would be having all your important lists at your finger tips
  • Password lock and encrypt your sensitive list data for extra security
  • Easily backup your lists to SD card or email a backup file to yourself


Full Standard Version

  • Unlimited number of lists and more pre-defined template lists.
  • We plan to offer a FREE version that is limited to one list at a time, but we hope you’ll love Mind List so much that you will purchase the full Standard version without hesitation.
  • Also, remember that even with the fully functional Standard version, all users get a free 24-hour trial period. If you don’t like Mind List and choose to uninstall it within 24-hours, any pending charges will be cancelled or processed charges will be eligible for refund.
Disaster Preparedness for fire, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, and hazmat spills

Will you and your family be ready when the next disaster strikes?

BONUS OFFER: Buy Mind List Standard now and get the  Emergency Preparedness Checklist to help you get started.
  • Review the checklist for crucial planning and preparedness ideas.
  • Easily reuse the checklist every few months as a refresher.
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Mind List - Android To Do, List and Password Manager

The essential android software for your android smartphone or tablet. Great to do, list and password manager for everyday use. Track your tasks and to do's with repeating due dates or alerts. Reference your grocery or shopping list to remember things you need to buy. Reusable list features make it easy to reactivate list items that repeat regularly. Keep your bank account or web login passwords and pins handy within Mind List, and keep them secure using Mind List password locking and list data encryption. Also comes with various predefined and sample lists such as groceries list, camping packing list, house moving checklist, travel packing checklist, and emergency or disaster preparation checklist.

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